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Question by sulla_thegod: Do your parents or a parent go into a rage when they are angry?
Do your parent or a parent go into a rage when they are angry. Does the rage scare you. Do you get hit when the parent is in the rage do your friends get scared or avoid your parent(s) because of the rages?

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Answer by Debbie
Are these your parents who go into a rage? If so, they need to seek professional help and anger management to get their temper under control. They’re hitting you? That is abuse and the child should be removed from the home and stay with more stable and loving family members. No one deserves to be in that situation and children deserve to be in loving, nurturing environment.

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Question by : Why do republican get so hostile and emotional when they are cornered?
Remember sarah palin in 2008, how hostile and emotional are the republicans going to get when the months churn on towards the election.
Also when they get cornered they try to connect unrelated topics into their argument like the one posted by”I LIKE MEN NOW”.

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Answer by The Blunt Ugly Truth
Because statistically speaking, most conservative males still wet the bed into adulthood.

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Question by : When a President meets with the family of victims of a tragedy, are they ever hostile to him?
I was reading how President Obama met with the families of the victims at Fort Hood and am curious if these meetings are ever hostile. My anecdotal experience is military families are fairly conservative and I imagine they may not like the current president. How do they respond to him? The answer doesn’t have to be limited to the current president. Was former President Bush ever poorly received by the families of the war dead? Does the White House screen these encounters? PLEASE, NO POLITICIZED ANSWERS. Sources would be appreciated.

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Answer by pal
I suspect that anyone who is going to meet the president receives a full briefing on exactly what is going to transpire and how they are expected to behave. If during these preliminaries it appears they may be hostile, the meeting would simply not take place.

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Question by Altair 1: Is open hostility growing against Obama and the Democrats because they keep trying to shove their crappy?
health care bill down our throats? I am beginning to see normally quiet and peaceful folks speak out and making angry remarks about Obama and the Democrats for continuing their never ending drive to make Americans like something that they have already stated they don’t like!

Personally I think Obama and his cronies have decided to just beat the Americans down on this issue until we give in! The idiot just keeps pushing, pushing and pushing!

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Answer by baily larente
obama suckz

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Question by ashleigh2501: Who has had a episode of Road Rage either happen to them or they have had rage toward somebody else?
Lots of times its not you thats wrong, its somebody else. And the person know that they have made a driving mistake and still get upset. But road rage can go either way. If someone else makes a mistake driving or is just not paying attention and all most causes you to have a accident, you youself might get upset. Lets face it. Nowadays, People dont pay attention. They will either be daydreaming, eating or drinking something, smoking, or talking on the cellphone. Some people cant walk and chew gum-meaning some people cant multitask. Some people wont even be occupied doing something, they will do something wrong, like moving when they dont have the right-of way.

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Answer by cartmanshumungousazz
One time I was cut off in traffic and followed the guy home. I waited in front of his house and then planted a kilo of heroin in his house and called the cops. Cost me a lot of money but it was so worth it when I approached him in court and whispered “Never, ever cut off a motorcycle rider!!!” ;) )

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