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Question by sulla_thegod: Do your parents or a parent go into a rage when they are angry?
Do your parent or a parent go into a rage when they are angry. Does the rage scare you. Do you get hit when the parent is in the rage do your friends get scared or avoid your parent(s) because of the rages?

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Answer by Debbie
Are these your parents who go into a rage? If so, they need to seek professional help and anger management to get their temper under control. They’re hitting you? That is abuse and the child should be removed from the home and stay with more stable and loving family members. No one deserves to be in that situation and children deserve to be in loving, nurturing environment.

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Question by Alan H: I get angry alot, is it good to punch a punching bag whn I am angry?
I get very angry and I get into this rages!!! WHen am angry it is like the fires of hell is erupting! Wow I sound like Hitle! So whe I get angry is punching my punching bag a good tequinicgue for anher management?

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Answer by kdfirekat
Absolutely. It gets your aggression out and no one is getting hurt.
Better the bag than a living creature.
Beat the crap out of the punching bag until you calm down.

You might also want to look into the reason you are getting into these unreasonable rages, though.

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Question by ariel: How do I unlock a rage aura for another character in Tekken 6?
My Alisa has over 10,000 wins and I already unlocked the rage aura, but when I use my Lili, she has over 3,000 wins but I still don’t have an aura, Help please.

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Answer by Steve the Fob
What is a rage aura? Are you referring to customizable rages? If that’s the case, you will unlock them when you line up 3 treasure chest in Super Roulette where you will be proceeded after hitting LUCKY! on Roulette. It does not matter how many wins you have since my Hwoarang has 2000 wins and unlocked all of them. First Roulette will appear in your character’s 10th fight and every 40th fights from there on. If you want to unlock customizable rages, I have listed a video below with GREAT and quick way to attain all of the rages available. Good luck.

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Question by rpm89746: What constitutes a hostile work environment in New York state?
More specifically, what kinds of emotional abuse can constitute a hostile work enviornment. If a supervisor frequently humiliates a worker in front of others, asks personal questions, implies they think the employee is stupid, goes into rages, glares at an employee, etc., can that be considered a hostile work environment?

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Answer by lawrenceba549
Yes. Bullying of any type is consider hostile.
A supervisor doesn’t have to be the bully, but beware: many times the lower ranked employee is cheaper to replace than higher ranked, and most usually, the higher ranked employee gets the benefit for economic reasons.
Whatever you do, choose your words and actions carefully.

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