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Question by : What are some piano sonatas about ANGER and RAGE?
Hi, can you please list off the names of some piano sonatas or other piano pieces that have to do with anger and rage. Thank you.

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Answer by Small K

Chopin Etude Op.10-12 Revolutionary was composed when he was angry and sad about the failed revolution in Poland against Russia.

Prokofiev’s “War Sonatas” for piano is based on his anger and grief towards War.

Just to note on Arthur Mornington’s answer; I was told that the Tempest was based on Shakespeare’s play “Tempest”. So, I don’t know if that counts as anger… although I do agree it does sound aggressive

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Question by : Where can i get the piano sheet for the angry birds theme song?
Hi, i really want to get the score for the angry birds theme song. I can’t seem to find it, just vidoes. If you know a website where i can get it, please reply to this?

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Answer by cantilena91
As this music is COPYRIGHTED, ALL sorts of fan-made tabs, tutorials, sheet music scans and such are not only ILLEGAL, but also very often both INCORRECT and INCOMPLETE, so please use only OFFICIAL sheet music books and either buy them legally or borrow them from the library.

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