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The Nature Of Reality Series By Leslie Cross
A Series Of Ebooks Discussing Nature And God And Presenting A New Cosmology For The Common Man. What Is A Dimensions? What Is Time? Does God Exist, And, If So, Is He Outside Of Time? Does God Change? The Greatest Change Possible Happen To God.
The Nature Of Reality Series By Leslie Cross

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Question by Rosemarie C: How can I learn to be assertive and is it too late for me to learn?
I’m 34. I’m very soft spoken. I feel like I’ve been bullied all my life. Where do people find the strength? Is it learned or are we born to be assertive?

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Answer by Joan F
Some of us do not stick up ourselves as we should. It is in our nature usually. I think being more assertive can be achieved if you want it enough.

Remember that song in The Sound of Music – ‘I have confidence in me’ that’s it in a nutshell ‘ ‘confidence’

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