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Question by : How to post rage comics to damn lol?
How do you post a rage comic to the damn lol website?

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Answer by Melneeeee
Forget damnlol. go to ragestache! it’s better and you can build your own! try it.

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Question by Jeanette C: How can I control my rage now that I carry a pistol?
I got a permit to carry a concealed pistol from my sherrif, but I’m so full of rage I’m afraid I’ll shoot somebody who pisses me off. I nearly shot a bouncer last night for yelling at me. How do I control my rage now that I have a pistol? Please help my rage has been a problem since childhood.

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Answer by ALEX
get rid of the pistol!!

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Question by Thomas Wong: What the music from the Rage Online Game by Cosmoseth from?
There’s an online game called Rage, and the music is pretty cool. Since Seth Wooten got the music from Anamanaguchi for “A Stick and his Kitten”, where did he get the music for rage from?

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Answer by ROBYN NETA
u can visit this site given below.

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Question by Pratikshya M: What do you think that YOU can do to prevent and bring road rage to the light?
I need an idea as to how to solve the road rage problem Something that is original and has not been done. And I need an idea as to how to get people to be involved in it.

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Answer by UCANTCME
If you find yourself in a situation where another motorist is clearly angry with you – rightly or not – and seems intent on following you, or acting aggressively, don’t allow yourself to be caught up in the game.

If a guy rolls down his window and starts cursing at you, do not respond.

Keep your window rolled up – and avoid eye contact.

Get moving – and get away – as soon as you can.

Never, ever get out of your car to “discuss” things with another motorist. We live in a crazy age, and you could find yourself looking down the barrel of a gun. Or facing some loon with a baseball bat.

Just drive on. In the event you get followed, don’t drive home – or stop your car.

Find a cop and get his attention – or use your cell phone to dial 911.

If possible, let your harasser see you talking on the phone; that’s often enough to make him break off.

If no cop is around and you are frightened by someone attempting to follow you, stay on well-traveled roads. Avoid pulling off onto a side street.

If you can find a busy shopping center parking lot or similar public place where people are milling about – go there and see if the person follows you. If he does, honk your horn repeatedly to attract the attention of passers-by and – hopefully – security patrols. It’s not likely you pursuer will stick with you.

If you can, jot down the plate number of the car, as well as the make, model and color.

File a police report – if the encounter seemed serious enough to warrant that.

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