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Question by Susan F: How to be more assertive in life?
I have a huge problem being assertive and sticking up for myself. I wanted to know if anyone had any advice on how to stop being such a pushover. I let my friends be catty to me and make me feel bad constantly, I am getting taken advantage of at work, and in my relationship I let my boyfriend cancel plans and ditch me all the time. I am sick of being a doormat but am always trying to please everyone and have no problems with anyone.

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Answer by Sarah
I think i need to improve in that too. You just have to put your foot down. Don’t let them intimidate you.

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Learning Anger Management Skills Can Dramatically Improve Your Life!

Anger management involves a system of psychological therapeutic techniques and exercises by which one with excessive anger can reduce the triggers, degrees, and effects of an angered emotional state. Anger management will help you break out of the anger trance, stop it ruining your relationships, and damaging your health.

Anger management is not about stopping you from expressing your anger entirely. Anger management, then, is the process of learning how to “calm down” and diffuse the negative emotion of anger before it gets to a destructive level.


Stress has been found to have a direct correlation to unmanaged anger and aggression. In fact, trying to suppress or deny your anger can lead to a host of physical complaints, such as headaches, depression, stress, and sleeping or eating difficulties. Anger and stress are highly correlated and the effects of stress on the body are well documented.



Anger that’s out of control can be destructive, leading to problems in your relationships, at work, in your enjoyment of life and with your health. If your level of anger is high or you tend to express anger in an unhealthy way, make plans to deal with your anger. Your health may improve, you’ll feel better about yourself, and strained relationships may heal when you control your anger.


By employing various mental techniques, anger management classes attempt to help you see differently the situations that have caused you anger and to change your thinking processes. A common skill used in most anger management programs is learning assertive communication techniques. Typical anger management techniques are the use of deep breathing and meditation as a means of relaxation.

We see that, with enough will power, we can climb large mountains, so we need to think that anger is just a mountain that we can climb to the top of with simple anger management techniques.


An individual who exhibits behaviors that can lead to harm of another or property damage needs psychological services from a professional trained in anger management. Talk to your health care provider about resources, such as counseling or anger management classes. Getting some anger management counseling is a great idea if you do not know how to control your anger.


Identify and promote effective anger management methods and techniques. Luckily you CAN learn anger management skills to apply to your family and career lives, and you can improve. Being proactive with anger management will help to ensure it remains a healthy emotion that protects you from unnecessary hurt or threat.

For effective motivational/stress relief techniques, go to:

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Author: Scott Allen Barker

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3 Tips For The Law Of Attraction: By Kicking Criticism Out Of Your Life!

Criticism, whether it originates from your inner critic or from those around you can cause your career passion to fizzle, drain your motivation to work on your dreams, and result in losing a great deal of valuable time and energy that could have been directed at attracting abundance and success for yourself.  In addition, criticism can create undesired distance in your relationships with others both in your home and at work.

If we’re not careful, criticism can spread like a virus into all areas of our lives and affect our ability to be functional human beings and more importantly, to live our best life: attract abundance in happiness, health, love, financial prosperity, and creative expression.

So how do you reduce the hold that criticism has on your life?

Here is my 3-prong approach to letting go of the criticizing monster:

Tip 1:

Silence your Inner Critic by learning to dissolve the limiting beliefs you harbor about yourself. Beliefs such as “Who am I to do something so amazing?” and “I can not finish writing that book, I quit everything I start.”

By letting go of your limiting beliefs you arrive at a place of self-acceptance.  Criticism cannot touch acceptance because true acceptance is rooted in the security that no matter what you do or who you are, you are forgiven and loved just the way you are. 


Self-acceptance communicates that maybe you did some things you were not proud of and yet you have done and attracted many more amazing things in your life, if you would simply give yourself recognition for them.

Once you let go of criticizing yourself, you will quickly attract the abundance you desire.

Tip 2:

When other people criticize you or your work, observe the emotions and past memories that their criticisms have triggered within you. Take that feedback and ask yourself “What do I think they meant by the criticism? And what do I believe it says about me?”  Does part of you get defensive because you are resisting your own negative thoughts about yourself? 

Be honest (but gentle) with the things you criticize and judge yourself for.  As they say, “The truth will set you free.”  Maybe it is true you believe you’re a “quitter” that never finishes things you start, maybe it is true you feel the work you produce is anything but amazing.  These are limiting beliefs that you need to let go.

Repeat Tip 1, and then ask yourself more productive questions such as “Why am I someone who can do such amazing things?” or “Why will I finish writing this book?” or “Why am I so successful at attracting abundance?” Write down the answers to these questions, and pull out this list when you could use someone cheering you on instead of criticizing you.

Let go of your belief in other people’s criticisms of you and abundance will be attracted to you!

Tip 3:

Minimize your participation in criticizing others. When you’re compelled to criticize someone, take it as an opportunity to see if you criticize yourself for the same things.  Observe your daily thoughts and conversations you have with people.  Do you find yourself thinking “Ya right, Mike never finishes anything he starts!” or “Who does she think she is, trying to write a book? What does she have to say that hasn’t already been said?”  Hmm . . . sound familiar? 

The same ways we criticize others comes from criticizing ourselves.  Practice Tip 1 of dissolving criticism and learn to give yourself more credit and praise on a daily basis.  As you learn to praise yourself more for all the amazing traits you possess and the things you do for others, you will see and appreciate the wonderful qualities in the people around you.  As they experience how you see them as their best selves, they will in turn begin to see you in the same way. 

Letting go of criticizing other people tells the World that you support others in receiving abundance.  And this reflects that you support yourself in receiving it too!

Use these 3 tips to kick criticism out of your life and you will find that the Law of Attraction is working in YOUR favor!

Carlota Lin is the blog author of and the popular 20-page eBook:

“59 Powerful Affirmations to Sqoosh Your Inner Critic!”

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Road Rage and the Life

Road rage,as the phrase itself is telling, conveys the meaning to drive with anger. The phrase has been collected into the vocabulary of Oxford Dictionary, describing the angry state which is caused by the pressures and setbacks when driving through a traffic jam.Persons who are suffering from road rage usually have the pulse to be aggressive, and sometimes the innocent passengers can be even harmed.

In the modern society, the car has been a kind of common transportation tools, so it is no wonder that road rage has been a common psychological disease throughout the world.

According to the latest data released by a researching center, there are about 5% to 7%, namely, 1,600 million drivers who have the symptoms of being road ragers in the United States. This research was done after interviewing 9,282 American adults during the period 2001 to 2003. This research also shows that the bus drivers and the taxi drivers are more likely to have this kind of  disease, the rate of which is up to 30%.

In 2007, a tragedy happening in Moscow caused the attention of the world: a taxi driver shot three passers-by to death, just because that the driver was badly annoyed at the low speed of them when walking through the street. Since then, the road rage became an official phrase in media as well as in these language teaching materials.


In most cases, the road ragers may have the following five immature inner activities when they are driving:

1. Even if there is enough time and no need to hurry up, the road ragers will still set a expected and specific time to reach the destination.

2. The road ragers are fond of overtaking other cars, and they will be easily affected in the driving process.

3.The road ragers don’t want others to overtake themselves. What is more, they will try every means to stop others from overtaking them.

4. If the drivers nearby have done something improper, the road ragers will show their unsatisfied and angry look directly on their faces, even if these conductions have nothing to do with their driving.

5. Feeling that they have been insulted, the road ragers will have the urge to do the revenges, and it is often hard to control.

The road rage thing actually conveys some sort of philosophy in our daily life. We are often exhausted by these pressures and hardships from our jobs or from these complicated social relationships. Sometimes life is so difficult that we feel we can not bear them anymore.

However, life keeps on going and what we should do is to adjust ourselves to the changeable situations, instead of dealing with them negatively or just running away from them. We should learn to be calm and be considerate, taking others’situation into account.

For instance, listening to the music with your Bluetooth stereo headset in your own place is a good way to calm down.It will take you to a world in which everything seems to be simple and easy. Then you will find that life is still generous to us, for we still have the ability to enjoy the beautiful things in this lovely world. Nothing will be our obstacles on the way forward.


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Term Critical Illness Insurance- Giving You Life for a Second Time

Every year, around 700,000 people may be affected by a critical illness such as stroke. On the other hand, heart attack may make approximately 340,000 victims while around 1 million may be diagnosed by a critical illness like cancer. If you have term critical illness cover, then you may have enough financial backing to pay for your treatment.

So, insurance companies hope that after seeing such statistics you go and take a term critical illness plan straight away. Having a term critical illness cover can be a good financial asset. But other financial experts say that it is a waste of money to buy an insurance plan that provides cover for only specific illnesses. Term critical illness insurance pays living benefits as compared to life insurance. Thus, term critical illness cover can bridge your financial gaps by allowing you a tax free lump sum that can be used for various reasons apart from your treatment. Should you need a kidney transplant or are affected by lung cancer or heart attack, term critical illness insurance may help you obtain the required treatments. Long ago term critical illness cover was widely known as cancer insurance. But through time, term critical illness insurance appeared.

People could get attracted with term critical illness policies that protect them against many diseases. Thus, apart from providing further protection, companies may have as well designed such policies to enhance marketing issues and consequently boost term critical illness policy sales.

Some life threatening illnesses generally defined by most term critical illness policies are cancer, stroke, heart attack and multiple sclerosis among others. The benefit with taking out a term critical illness cover is that the policyholder can obtain a tax free lump sum upon a claim. But similar to other types of insurance, with term critical illness also, rules apply. The policyholder may have to undergo a survival period of around 28 days before term critical illness cover makes a payment. Term critical illness cover may differ from one company to the other, so the extent of the survival period can also fluctuate at times. For instance, some term critical illness policies may stipulate a survival period of 2 months.

As such, the money obtained from term critical illness insurance can be used for any purpose that you prefer. Thanks to term critical illness insurance, you may pay off your mortgage or even use the money to attain a better standard of living. However, to be able to obtain a successful payout, it is essential that you provide full details about your present and past health conditions.

If you had suffered from an illness at the time you applied for the term critical illness insurance but didn’t let your insurers know, then your policy might be cancelled. This can be a disadvantage especially when making a claim under your term critical illness policy after years of contribution. In this case, you may lose all your benefits and the money paid as premium may not be refunded.

Many people also take out term critical illness cover related assurance policy. Upon a claim, the insured may receive benefits based on the event that occurs in the first place and then ceases.

For more information about life insurance and critical illness insurance please visit

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Question by intothebliss: How can I stop being so angry and start changing my life and attitude?
I am in a rut. I am depressed and feel that I lack choices in my life.

There are a number of things from my past that make me angry (basically, a lot of stuff from my childhood and losing someone I really loved). I spend a lot of my time feeling angry and down on myself.

I want to take control of my life and start viewing things more positively and letting go of the things that are negative and that I can’t change. But I simply don’t know how. While I’m not pessimistic about other people, I’m very pessimistic about myself and my life. I fear that it’s “too late” for me to institute change and to be successful and happy.

What can I do to turn this around? Any books or tips to recommend?

Best answer:

Answer by Ashley P
It’s NEVER EVER too late.

See a therapist! It will really really help.

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