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Question by Gwen: How do I become more assertive in bed with my partner?
I am a very feminine 27 year old lesbian. In my past relationships I have always been the more “submissive” one, so to say. I recently started dating a woman who is most definitely more aggressive in life (and somewhat butch as well) but she is very submissive in bed, and I am struggling to find a balance. I’m really into her, and want our relationship to continue to grow, so I need some advice on how to be more assertive in bed!

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Answer by The Truth Hurts
Maybe you should start to be more “submissive” first. Like you make the first moe. Tell her to relax an enjoy the ride!

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Question by Mike: Why do women have so much hostility towards the good guys?
If women want to intentionally date abusers and cheaters and jerks in general, that’s fine. Enjoy your bad boy thrill.

What I don’t understand though, is why women have outright hostility towards men who are respectful and romantic and would never hurt a woman in any manner. It’s like, “He’s good to me . . . he must be hiding something. I hate him!”.

Why are women like that?

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Answer by Family
I think you’ve been dating the wrong woman mike. Ya know how you said that some woman like to date the bad boys?? Well your dating the bad girls?? go look elsewhere for a woman. because where you’ve been picking them up isn’t working for ya. I could never be attracted to someone who wasn’t treating me right. I have a good guy husband. And are very happy. But I do know what you mean about some woman that act that way. it’s odd to me too??

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