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Question by sulla_thegod: Do your parents or a parent go into a rage when they are angry?
Do your parent or a parent go into a rage when they are angry. Does the rage scare you. Do you get hit when the parent is in the rage do your friends get scared or avoid your parent(s) because of the rages?

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Answer by Debbie
Are these your parents who go into a rage? If so, they need to seek professional help and anger management to get their temper under control. They’re hitting you? That is abuse and the child should be removed from the home and stay with more stable and loving family members. No one deserves to be in that situation and children deserve to be in loving, nurturing environment.

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2 comments on “Do your parents or a parent go into a rage when they are angry?

  1. Yep, they rage. But now that my brother and I are older, they don’t hit us anymore. I remember when I was a kid and they’d get angry, they would take any weapon and just release their anger. It sucked, I never invited my fronds over, I always avoided the subject and it made me more of a reserved person. My brother began to talk and hit them back.. We grew up thinking it was discipline. My dad had grown up with a dad that, if he did something wrong, he’d get belted.

    I love my parents a lot, and even back then, I just sucked it up and tried not to get into trouble. If you’re being abused a lot, not because you’re in trouble though, I really suggest talking to someone about it, and they’ll help you out.

  2. Yeah my dad just now shoved my brother across the room for saying something a little sarcastic to my mom & my dad always threatens to drill us. So yeah my parents rage.

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